Mobair EFU-200

Supply air fan for technical spaces

Image of the Mobair EFU-200 supply air fan

A completely new type of supply air fan. It includes an innovative operating model: the cold air coming from the outside is warmed up by the warm air in the ceiling, so the energy consumption is very low.


M5 filter

Included with an M5 cartridge filter.

160 Watt fan mixes together air inside the room and the incoming supply air.



Workspaces are usually provided with an air exhaust, but replacement air comes from window and door wraps, causing the cold air to fall on the floor. With Mobair devices, the cold draft is eliminated and the air coming from outside is also efficiently filtered.


  • Product code: EF200
  • LVI-number: 7929040
  • Air flow: 50-250 dm³/s
  • Fan power: 0.16 kW
  • Filter (M5) or (F7)
  • Coupling: 230 V AC, speed adjustment e.g.: voltage transformer
  • Dimensions: 410 x 410 x 260 mm


EFU-200 Supply air fan

EFU-200 Supply air fan

EEU-200 Exhaust air fan

EEU-200 Exhaust air fan



  • Inlet duct
  • Control unit
  • EEU-200 exhaust air fan
  • Outdoor louver