Mobair 2080

Supply air valve for larger spaces


The perfect supply air valve for rooms that are used by larger groups of people. The right choice for e.g. offices, business premises, daycare centres and schools, in which there is a need for a greater amount of fresh air.


F7 filter

Included with an F7 cartridge filter.

Equipped with a heater; adjustable with a thermostat.


Office spaces often have extra ventilation needs due to the amount of computers and other equipment using up the air. With this supply air device, the air will be fresh and clean for everyone to breathe! You can easily adjust the supply air valve to match the changing ventilation needs in the room. Simply choose the wanted temperature of incoming air and fan speed (1–5) and start/stop the device by pulling the cord switch. With the normal settings, the room is filled equally with outside and inside air. However, if you wish to change this ratio, you can close the outdoor air valve or the ventilation opening indoors.


  • Product code: M2080
  • LVI-number: 7929038 (Right handed), 7929039 (Left handed)
  • Air flow: 25–50 dm³/s
  • Heating power: 20–950 W
  • Filter class: F7
  • Frame: MDF board, painted white
  • Coupling: 4.5 A / 230 V AC / grounded plug
  • Dimensions: 650 × 310 × 195 mm

Installation & Maintenance

The device is delivered with the installing frame, screws, outer louver and the outdoor air duct. For effortless maintenance, the most important thing is to change the filter once a year.


Dimensions for the Mobair 2080 supply air valve