Mobair 2010

Small and effective supply air valve


Suitable for older buildings with a mechanical ventilation. Uses a heater to warm up the incoming air when needed.


M5 filter

Equipped with an M5 cartridge filter.

Automatically self-adjusting heater.


The 2010 works by filling in the room’s existing negative air pressure inside with fresh air from the outside. Filtrates and warms up the cool outside air coming through. Mobair 2010 is especially suitable for living premises in detached houses, townhouses and apartment buildings.

Mobair products are also energy efficient, as you can warm up the incoming air by switching on the heater only when needed. This also puts less pressure on the existing heating devices in the room.


  • Product code: M2010
  • LVI-number: 7929023
  • Air flow: 6-12 dm³/s
  • Heating power: 20–600 W
  • Filter class: M5
  • Frame: MDF board, painted white
  • Coupling: 4.0 A / 230 V AC / ungrounded plug

Installation & Maintenance

Mobair 2010 is easy to install and maintain. The device is delivered with the installing frame, screws, outer louver and the outdoor air pipe. For effortless maintenance, the most important thing is to change the filter once a year.


Dimensions for the Mobair 2010 supply air valve