Mobair supply air valves are designed to solve room-specific ventilation problems affordably and efficiently


We specialize in designing supply air valves for improving the ventilation and quality of the air inside homes and buildings, by bringing in fresh, clean and if needed, warmed air indoors. Our products are room-specific and are designed to make the existing ventilation, natural or mechanical, more efficient.

The fresh air is always brought in to the room without any feeling of draft. The air flowing through the Mobair valve fills in the negative air pressure inside, thus also diminishing the amount of unclean air flowing in from other structures. They can be installed directly onto the wall, e.g. on top of the opening of an fresh air duct or a specially made ventilation opening.



Our product range offers different supply air valves for rooms of different sizes and ventilation systems.



Our products are sold by our authorized resellers, and they are also available on our official online store.



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