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Innovative & Efficient Supply Air Solutions.

We specialize in designing supply air valves for improving the ventilation and quality of the air inside homes and buildings, by bringing in fresh, clean and if needed, warmed air indoors. Our products are room-specific and are designed to make the existing ventilation, natural or mechanical, more efficient.


Simple Installation

Easy to install and maintain. Fully compatible with the building's existing ventilation.


Only a fraction of the cost of a centralized ventilation system.

Low Energy Consumption

Pre-heated supply air lessens the workload of other heating sources.



The room’s type and existing ventilation system dictate the type of suitable supply air valve. The Mobair range offers different supply air valves for rooms of different sizes and ventilation systems: homes, lodging quarters, offices and small business premises. See all products.


Homes & Lodging Areas

It’s very important to have fresh air inside a home. In our selection you will find suitable supply air valves for solving the ventilation of each room according to the individual requirements.

Offices & Business Premises

Offices and business spaces usually require a larger air ventilation system than homes. The Mobair range offers supply air valves for offices and small business premises.

Professional Solutions

For professionals in air conditioning, we provide tools for duct installations and supply air valves to improve airflow on eg. GSM base stations.


Room-specific supply air solution.

Mobair supply air valves are designed to solve room-specific ventilation problems affordably and efficiently. They can be installed directly onto the wall, e.g. on top of the opening of an fresh air duct or a specially made ventilation opening.



Energy consumption is the lowest in room-specific ventilation. Central air conditioning, even with heat recovery, consumes more energy because it does not take into account the presence of people in the rooms and the air is exchanged everywhere in the house, including empty rooms.


The cost of room-specific ventilation is only a fraction of the cost of a central system. A further advantage is that the cleaning and maintenance of supply air devices is considerably easier than the conventional supply air duct.


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Improving the ventilation of a HOME

The most important rooms to improve ventilation are the bedrooms, which are usually lacking from fresh air that is needed from the outside.


The Importance of supply air

Functional ventilation is the foundation of good indoor air. In old houses, ventilation often works poorly. A supply air valve helps to remedy this deficiency in areas where more fresh air is needed.